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Tired of wearing your glasses while playing your weekly sports? Or heading out tonight and want to leave the glasses at home? Maybe you are painting the garage and don’t want to get your glasses dirty? Then you may want to consider contact lenses to give you the vision you need for your specific activities. Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist, in Guelph, complete contact lens services will select the correct contact lenses for you. Then we will not only properly fit the lenses on you, but also train you on how to insert, remove, and take care of your new contact lenses.

We carry many contact lens brands including:

Benefits of Ordering Your Contact Lenses at Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist

Dr. Yee and Associates wants to ensure that all of our contact lens patients are happy with their orders. After having a contact lens fitting and finding the right lenses, our clinic provides you with many additional benefits when ordering a six month or a year supply.

1. If you have any problems with the contacts you have ordered from Dr. Yee and Associates, Optometrist, we’ll do our best to fix it and any office related visits needed to do so are at no charge.

2. If you ever find a defective lens in your order, or you accidentally rip a lens, or need spare lenses to pair up any loose lenses from your order,  call our clinic and we’ll have a replacement ready for you.

3. Come down to our clinic at your convenience to pick up your lenses. You don’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule to sign off on a delivery or worry about missing a delivery because you weren’t home. We offer 6 days a week pick up, and we hold your order for you until you’re ready to pick it up.

4. Hesitant about ordering a year supply because you’re afraid your prescription might change? You won’t be stuck with any “out-dated” contact lenses because any unopened boxes can be exchanged for boxes of your updated contact lens prescription.

When ordering contact lenses from Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist, you not only get a quality product, but you also receive customer service that allows you to enjoy your lenses to their fullest potential.

What Is a Contact Lens Fitting and Do I Need One?

Putting on contact lens

Contact lenses are still a type of medical device and therefore should be handled as such. Not all contact lens dispensaries in Ontario are created equal. You need one with the professional eye care services you can trust to instruct you on the proper use of your new contact lenses.

Many patients ask us why contact lens fittings are so important and how they differ from a simple eye exam. To gain a better understanding of our office’s policies, check out our frequently asked questions below:

Q: Is a routine eye exam enough to receive contact lenses?

A: Routine eye exams include only an eyeglass prescription. Generally, routine eye exams help establish your overall eye health and what prescription of eyeglasses you will need. The exam is a kind of “baseline” of information in your file to help us determine any changes to your vision during future visits.

Q: How does a contact lens differ from a routine eye exam?

A: Contact lens fittings are done with a different set of measurements that are more detailed than a regular eye exam. It provides a more “in-depth” look of your eyes, focusing on the shape and health of your corneas and tear film.

Q: What is the price of a routine contact lens fitting?

A: The cost depends on the complexity of the fitting and whether or not this is your first time needing contact lenses. Complex fittings require more time and may include additional follow-up appointments to determine the right prescription.

Q: What does the contact lens fitting price include?

A: To start, you will receive a pair of trial contacts and a solution starter kit. An hour of training is provided for first-time wearers. When you have put on your contacts, we will take a quick assessment of your vision, comfort, and fitting characteristics. You will have the opportunity to try the contacts for a week to see how they hold up during your everyday routine. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled so you can address any problems or questions you may have about the new contacts.

Q: Why follow-up appointments? Why can’t I order my lenses based on how they feel during the first appointment?

A: The first time you put in your contacts they may feel fine. However, as the day wears on, the contacts “settle” in your eyes and may no longer feel as comfortable. Dr. Yee & Associates, Optometrist highly encourage you to try your new contact prescription for a full week in order to adapt and to see if further adjustments are required. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your contacts.

Q: I’m a long time contact lens wearer and just want to get more lenses; do I need to pay for a contact lens fitting? I know my brand; I just need to know the correct numbers to begin ordering.

A: Yes, fitting fees still apply. If you need a contact lens prescription, you need an evaluation and fitting regardless if you know the brand that works. We cannot give you a prescription without an evaluation. If there have been no changes to your eyes, then a prescription is released to you. However, if the fit or your vision has changed, our optometrist may find your current prescription unacceptable, requiring you to get a new one for a healthier fit.

Q: Am I required to pay contact lens fitting fees each year?

A: No, if you are happy with your first contacts we originally fitted you with then no additional fitting fees are required. Trying a new brand, however, will have a fitting fee because you are changing lens materials and/or wearing modality. Each pair of contacts is unique to their wearer. The contact lens brand right for your friend may not be right for you.

Be sure to get your contact lenses properly fitted by a professional to ensure optimal eye care health. Lenses that don’t fit can irritate your eyes, decrease your chance of being a successful contact lens wearer, and increase the risk of corneal complications. A proper fitting by a professional ensures comfortable and healthy contact lens use.

Dr. Michael Yee, Optometrist

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